GEM Winterization

Winterizing your GEM is essential to the longevity and efficiency of the vehicle and its components. Find out more about our current year GEM winterization programs and what it entails below.

This years' program will include:

* Each month we will test your pack voltage, and charge your gem for one day, then return the next day and unplug it.

* Before you return next year, we will begin to drive your gem to put range back into your batteries. Just charging them isn't enough, we need to drive the cars to put a load on your batteries.

* We will do a detailed inspection on your Gem and have the results posted on your car for you to see when you arrive.

To make our winterization a successful program, we will need the following from our clients:

1. Good contact information including email addresses and or cell phone numbers.

2. We will need the dates you are leaving and your planned arrival date for next year

3. We will need your garage code and keys for the gem cars we will be providing service for.

4. If you have a caretaker that will let us in, we must have their contact information.

The cost of this service will be $50.00 per month. Each winterization will be personalized for when you need us, whether it is for one month or twelve. If you have two or more cars, the cost is an additional $25.00 per car per month.

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