2016 Buick Regal Walk Around

Few would deny that the Regal sedan presents the most athletic-looking appearance of any current Buick. At the same time, design cues that evoke Buick’s heritage can be discovered anywhere on the tautly composed, but sleek and delightfully swoopy body.

Up front, the waterfall grille resembles other models. But unlike other Buicks, no simulated portholes detract from the Regal’s metallic beauty. This hood is clear and pristine. Adjoining LEDs are built into both the headlights and taillamps. At the rear, a metallic band ties the taillamps together.

On the Regal GS, the front end boasts blade-like, vertically-positioned air intakes.


Regal is slightly smaller than some midsize sedans but is generally comfortable for four. Front space is good, with comfortable cushioning. Two tall adults could have difficulty in back, however, where leg space is limited.

Regal GS has better-bolstered white-stitched black leather seats and a choice of trim.

Buick’s colorful IntelliLink infotainment interface is based on the Cadillac CUE setups, but no more knob-type controllers are used. Also, there’s no haptic feedback, as in Cadillacs, which use vibration to help make the proper touch selection. Most operating functions are intuitive.

A low dashboard with crisp LED gauges provides fine integration of buttons and screens with useful technology. Two-tone wood/leather trim, on upper trim levels, is handsome but subtle.

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