2016 Buick Verano Walk Around

Handsome in a subtle, mildly generic manner, the Verano’s small-car body lines are similar to those of the Chevrolet Cruze, except for differences in the addition of chrome trim elements. Carefully integrated into the smoothly shaped nose, the grille and headlights are heavily chromed, if somewhat smaller than in many recent GM models.

Small windows at the front of each door fit in smartly with the overall design. A Verano might not stand out as much as some compact rivals, but nothing about it is unattractive, apart from those irritating fake portholes on the fenders.

Even though some structural and suspension components are shared with the compact Chevrolet Cruze, Buick’s Verano is tuned for greater comfort as well as supremely quiet running.


Inside, the Buick Verano is spacious and attractive. Interior appointments compare favorably with any luxury automobile of similar size. Two-toning adds a distinctive look, as does matte-metallic trim. The driver faces a thick-rimmed, relatively small-diameter steering wheel.

The driver’s seat provides pleasing support, and even taller drivers should find a comfortable setting, helped by abundant front headroom and ample seat travel.

Back seats are somewhat snug, but nicely contoured to fulfill requirements of two adults. Leg space becomes a problem only if several riders of above-average height are aboard. A third back-seat occupant might balk for anything other than a short jaunt.

The trunk is large and nicely shaped. For additional cargo space, the rear seatbacks fold nearly flat.

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