2016 Chevrolet Impala Driving Impressions

The Chevrolet Impala delivers some of the finest road manners among non-luxury, family sedans. In addition to quick, accurate electric steering and admirable handling, Impala delivers a well-controlled ride. Suspension damping varies depending on the pavement imperfections: stiffer when faced with small ones, but less firm when rolling through bigger bumps.

Rebound-type springs reduce body lean in curves. Even with the noisier 20-inch wheels and tires, ride control is effective. In our view, the well-balanced, wholly composed Impala scores higher than a Ford Taurus, Hyundai Azera, or Toyota Avalon: comfortable, without sinking into sloppiness.

Short on midrange passing response on faster two-lane roads, the four-cylinder engine performs most enthusiastically in the city. Active noise cancellation makes it surprisingly quiet, though.

Acceleration is smooth and eager with the V6, which has a louder exhaust. Fuel-saving technology from the 6-speed transmission can yield occasional jumpiness. Unless you apply just the right amount of throttle pressure, the result may be like a half-shift, felt when the transmission’s torque converter unlocks too abruptly. Manual-shift mode is accessed via a switch on the gearshift lever, which isn’t easy to use.

Safety features include blind-spot monitoring; lane-departure and forward-collision warnings, adaptive cruise control, and rear parking sensors. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave Impala a five-star overall rating.

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