2016 Chrysler 200 Driving Impressions

Driving a Chrysler 200 is a pleasant experience, but not a particularly distinctive one. In terms of road behavior, it provides a firm, yet somewhat muted overall feel.

Chrysler 200 V6 versions deliver strong acceleration, and their suspensions are nicely damped. Even so, handling qualities aren’t the sharpest of the lot, predictable, but nothing special. It rides quite nicely, but it’s not as soft as a Nissan Altima, which is a sporty sedan, nor is it as sporty as a Ford Fusion.

Manual-shift modes and paddles help bring out the best elements of the V6. At times, the 9-speed automatic transmission may shift abruptly, especially when tied to the four-cylinder engine.

If you choose a front-wheel-drive model, don’t be startled by a touch of torque steer (experienced as a slight tug on the steering wheel) when accelerating. With all-wheel drive, torque steer isn’t an issue.

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