2016 Ford Fusion Walk Around

Even after three years on the street, the rakish Fusion still turns heads with its stance and proportion. Its big hexagon grille spreads to the sleek headlamps. The softly arched roofline looks like the fastback Audi A7. But from the side it’s all Ford.


The first thing you notice inside the Fusion is how quiet it is. Before that, you noticed how solid the door sounded when you closed it. You look around and see good materials, and feel quality. The seat is comfortable and supportive. There’s lots of storage space around the center stack. Holy cow, you realize, you’re in a base S model.

The center stack was revamped for the Sync touch screen and interface, now with a small army of hard buttons. The piece of metallic trim around the center stack, inspired by Volvo (along with the storage), leaves a strong graphic imprint on the cabin.

We don’t like the hard black plastic that scratches easily and fades quickly. So we jump in a Titanium model. We do like the Terra Cotta package, with rich reddish leather.

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