2017 Cadillac CTS Walk Around

Despite many changes over the years, the CTS still qualifies as the most exaggerated example of the Art and Science design theme for which the company has long been known. Viewed from the rear, in particular, the CTS stands out among competitors in its category. While plenty of observers praise the look, it’s still somewhat controversial.

Rear pillars are thick. Newly accented by vertical exhaust outlets, the taillights tend to look taller than in the past. Up front, vertically-oriented LED headlights integrate well into each fender, but give the impression of pulling the front-end downward. An additional horizontal bar has been added to the CTS grille.


Inside as well as outside, the CTS qualifies as handsome. On upscale trim levels, at least, cut/sewn upholstery blends with genuine wood trim. A single trim piece highlights the center stack. Large display screens dominate the futuristic dashboard. In upper trim levels, a 12.3-inch screen substitutes for separate gauges.

Front seats provide exceptional comfort, without excessive softness. Bucket seats are wide and deep, thus welcoming for long journeys. Front seats with 20-way adjustment are available and noteworthy, offering excellent support.

Because of the sloping roofline, getting into the back seat demands a head-ducking; but once there, adults can expect comfortable space. Headroom is sufficient, though models with a sunroof lose some clearance. High rear cushions result in a lack of leg support, as well as reduced space for knees and heads.

Active noise cancellation helps keep the experience quiet, which is most welcome with four-cylinder engine. At 13.7 cubic feet, cargo space isn’t as voluminous as some owners might prefer, though it’s sufficient for a weekend trip.

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