2017 Cadillac XTS Walk Around

The Cadillac design theme called Art & Science has softened over its 15 years, evolving into the lovely lines of the XTS. Taut panels and curved surfaces are balanced to embrace the bulk, without showing it. It is distinctly a Cadillac, in the universe of softly sculpted luxury sedans. It faintly resembles a Buick LaCrosse and Chevy Impala, mostly in the profile and softly arched roofline.


The design is pared down inside, the cabin is wonderfully clubby. The instrument panel and trim are simple, the textures smartly chosen, the tones tasteful, the materials opulent, at least some of them. We like the way the beveled metallic trim snuggles wood and leather. It’s a feat of fit and finish.

The XTS is more than spacious, headroom and legroom everywhere. The front seats are widely adjustable and very good, but the driver’s seat could use a bit more support, although we’ve spent hours there without complaint. High mounting of the front seats gives excellent visibility.

The back seat is about perfect, maybe because it has to be, if it’s going to be much of an airport limo. The headliner is carved for more headroom.

Active noise cancellation keeps the cabin so quiet you can’t hear the engine.

The car is ruled by CUE, the Cadillac User Experience system, no buttons, no gauges (at least not real ones), all 8.0-inch touchscreen. Fully capacitive, responds to gestures, like a tablet computer. It’s good at voice command and touch-and-swipe toggling between features, although it’s too easy to touch/swipe the wrong thing. Swipe controls don’t always inspire confidence or deliver the desired execution. The CUE controls are fussy and the system lags too much.

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