2017 Chevrolet Camaro Walk Around

Depending on your approach angle to the sheetmetal of the Camaro, it can look bawdy or bulky. From the side the details are striking and well-honed, with a fantastic big sweep of the rear roof pillars; but from a front 3/4 view the long car can seem stubby and foreshortened. The powerful haunches balance the tall nose and slim but menacing grille as best they can. The gun-slit windows make more menace.


The Camaro is an ode to high-strength steel, and what it can do for safer car design. Thanks to slimmer yet stronger windshield pillars, the forward visibility is improved even with the driver sunk lower for safety. Speaking of which it’s a good thing a rearview camera is standard, because it’s necessary to see through the high tail. In fact a surround-view camera would be nice.

The cockpit takes some gambles because it ventures from Camaro heritage, with big touchscreens and digital gauges, a binnacle framed by “Star Wars” Tie Fighters, and huge gimbaled air vents that use their rings to adjust heating and cooling. We think it looks fresh and will stay that way.

We can’t say the Camaro’s interior materials look expensive, especially the standard fabric seats, but we don’t have to say they look plasticky, like before.

The front seats are shapely, supportive, and form-fitting. But they’re still thrifty fabric. The expensive optional Recaro seats with heating and ventilation are worth it.

Camaro appears to have given up on the back seat. It’s mostly a bench for gym bags, and also groceries when the tiny trunk gets full after maybe three grocery bags. The convertible has even less space in the rear, with the top mechanism taking hip and shoulder room. No relaxing in the back seat, cruising with your head back and the sun in your face.

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