2017 Ford Expedition Driving Impressions

With the 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6, you’ll never miss the virtues of the trusty old 5.7-liter V8. It’s also used in the F-150 truck and other Fords. It makes 365 horsepower and growls. The power isn’t explosive, but this tall and heavy SUV is truly quick.

The chassis is aged, but the Expedition with active suspension handles better than most of its rivals. The electric power steering is quick and sharp. The yacht is easy to drive because the steering is also light and precise.

We haven’t driven a 2017 Expedition with the standard suspension, although older models did a good job absorbing bumps with none of the hopping that often comes with solid axles.

The active suspension has normal, comfort and sport modes. The ride is composed. The continuously adjusting dampers filter the bumps and provide a ride that’s almost luxury.

The Expedition’s stability control is programmed to limit instability while towing, by applying the brakes and reducing the power when sensors detect trailer sway.

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