2017 Ford Super Duty Walk Around

No question the 2017 Super Duty looks new. Yet it also looks familiar. The headlights echo the C-shaped theme seen in the latest F-150 as well as the grille of the previous-generation Super Duty. The big chrome grille of the new one is an evolution of the previous-generation Super Duty grille, the bars now closer together with an opening between them, black on lower models, chromed on mid-level grades, perforated on Platinum. The 2017 Super Duty Platinum models are executed more tastefully than previously, though the band of bright metal across the tailgate remains.

The square fender flares on 2017 models with dual real wheels are a departure from the previous round flares yet suggest the lines of a Ford dually from the 1980s, and they have a small round lip on top of the square flare that echoes the round lip on the single rear wheel models and harkens back to the round flares on the previous generation. So, the Super Duty appears to be moving boldly into the future while honoring its heritage.

The door handles on the new truck are chrome grab handles oriented horizontally, replacing the vertical black levers used previously. These flashes of car-like chrome along with black B-pillars and crisper body sides conspire to make the Super Duty look a bit less heavy duty. Plus the new handles are more comfortable. Only the chrome bars on the grille look heavy duty now, appearing to weight the truck down from some angles.


The all-new cab features nice leather seat trim and multi-adjustable seats on the top models. There’s even a massage feature available. Anyone who questions the concept of a luxurious truck cab has not towed long distances. XLT and Lariat models tend to be our favorites, the former with nice cloth upholstery, the latter with color-coordinated leather. And we do love the King Ranch versions.

Any model, even the top trim levels, is available with a vinyl floor instead of carpet, an option worthy of consideration for trucks that see a lot of mud, snow or wet.

Between the available front bucket seats is a large console that offers wonderful storage space for all the driver’s stuff. Alternatively, a bench seat with a flip-up console is available for three-across seating in front.

Rear seat bottoms in the Crew Cabs flip up to reveal a handy storage area. They are not dog friendly, however. Unbolting and removing seats and storage bin may be the best option for a big dog.

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