2017 Ford Taurus Walk Around

The Ford Taurus makes the most of its 112-inch wheelbase, adding 80 inches of front and rear overhang to try to make it look sleek. That might add character, but not sleekness, just bulk. Its sharp lines and strong haunches aren’t unattractive, but they are old.


The Taurus cabin boasts quality materials and a good finish, to help justify its price, but you still have to add more to get the SEL and up, for the acceptable SYNC3 infotainment system. The standard simply-SYNC is difficult to use.

A wide center console and a wraparound instrument panel divide the front seat into driver and passenger zones, a design found more often in coupes than sedans. The front seats are supportive and generally comfortable for average sizes, but despite being large, they could use more contour. So the option of multi-contour seats adds welcome adjustment if you’re big or small.

The Taurus might make the most of its wheelbase with the exterior design, but not inside. Passengers might struggle to get in and out of the back seat because of the sedan’s low roofline; and the smaller Ford Fusion actually has a fraction of an inch more legroom than the Taurus’s 38.1 inches. Three adults can fit in the rear, but not for long, at least not happily.

Trunk space is huge, 20.1 cubic feet.

It’s good that a rearview camera is standard. Rearward visibility is particularly poor, with wide pillars and a small rear window.

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