2017 Ford Transit Connect Walk Around

The Transit Connect looks like a small cargo van from the year 2017, with attention to aerodynamics.

The Transit Connect Wagon looks like a mini minivan from the year 2017, with attention to aerodynamics. We like it.


The combination of small-car interior and minivan high seating is cool. You think you’re stepping into a truck but when you get there it’s a car. And it is step and not climb, because the ride height is about the same as a car. And because the roof is so high, there’s plenty of headroom even with the elevated seat.

The comfort is surprisingly good, just not as good as a minivan. What we’re saying is we didn’t expect it to be half as good as a minivan, although we can’t really see why not, and it turned out to be three-fourths as good. The standard fabric upholstery is comfortable and breathable, so we don’t see the need to fancy it up with leather.

In the three-row Wagon, the second row is split 60/40 and there’s plenty of room for adults. It folds down beautifully: the seatbacks flip forward, the whole seat then folds forward and down into the floorwell, all with one pull. Now there’s room for cargo in the middle and passengers in the third row with legroom. Then they fold flat (the seats, not the passengers) and the cargo floor is flat.

There’s a big sliding door on each side, and a huge cargo opening at the rear. You can choose between a hatchback rear door or barn doors. With the hatchback, rearward vision is better because there’s no pillar.

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