2018 Cadillac CTS Walk Around

The CTS, maybe best if not longest, embodies Cadillac’s iconic design theme called Art and Science. It might just as well be called Angle and Edge, it does those things so well. It isn’t unanimously loved, but who is?

Last year the midsize luxury sedan got a new grille and headlamps that fit into the fenders in a way that visually lowers the nose. At the rear, tall taillamps are stacked on vertical exhaust tips.

There is a Carbon Black appearance package.

Speaking of carbon, the hood and bumpers on the CTS-V are carbon fiber. The fenders are fat, to fit the fat tires.


The CTS cabin is handsome. On the Luxury Premium model, the stitched leather upholstery and real wood trim feel right together. Incongruously, a giant 12.3-inch screen replaces real gauges, making the dashboard look futuristic on this model.

The front seats are exceptionally comfortable; wide, deep and not too soft. Ready for journeys, long hours in the saddle. If you think you’ll need to adjust them 20 ways, and not just 10, that option is available.

The sloping roofline and thick pillars make passengers duck their heads, when climbing into the rear. But there’s comfortable space back and good headroom back there, even with high rear cushions.

The trunk holds 13.7 cubic feet, less than bountiful for a midsize sedan.

Active noise cancellation helps keep the sounds of the engine out of the cabin.

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