2018 Chevrolet Colorado Walk Around

The Chevy Colorado doesn’t have the relentlessly rectilinear lines of the full-size Chevy Silverado, nor the fat grille of the GMC Canyon, overkilled by chrome. The Colorado’s rising shoulder line softens the pickup silhouette with boxy fenders. The grille is slim and relatively small. The Colorado looks like a truck, a good-looking truck. It does not look like a Honda Ridgeline.

The ZR2’s front bumper is trimmed for clearance over rocks, and its wheels are pushed out. It looks planted, despite the lifted suspension. The hood bulges. The ZR2 is clean, avoiding the aftermarket look. It classes up any off-road gathering.


In the cabin, the Colorado is like the Silverado, rugged and upscale, with a fit and finish that’s better than that of the Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier.

It feels plenty truck-like inside, but there’s an element of sedan in the well-finished dashboard, the seat bolstering, and aluminum-look door and dash trim. The beefy steering wheel has lots of controls. The shift lever is mounted on a wide and tall console that can store an iPad, while holding two big cupholders and up to four USB ports, along with many small storage slots, bins, and trays.

There’s excellent headroom and legroom and a big view out the windshield. The front seats are relatively skinny, and have a more natural driving position than other trucks in the class, with a higher hip point and a more ergonomic relationship to the steering wheel, unlike the splayed-legs stance you have to take in the Tacoma. The Colorado is far more relaxing to drive for trips longer than an hour.

The rear of the extended cab is a pair of jump seats best suited for packages or child seats, or maybe kids. The crew cab offers cramped accommodations for two adults in the back seats, with bolt-upright seatbacks and a marked lack of knee room. Keep that in mind when you’re thinking of making it a second family car.

The bed is a big selling point. The payload is 1410 to 1590 pounds, while there’s an available bed extender that stretches the six-foot bed to eight feet, as big as a full-size truck, by using the tailgate. The step on the bumper makes it easy to climb into, and the slow-dropping tailgate will be appreciated every day. There are some 17 points for tie-downs, either a spray-in bedliner or a drop-in one, and available cargo dividers, a system of racks and carriers, cargo nets and tonneau covers, and a drop-in toolbox.

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